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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-13, 14 years ago.

» save Dimples2 as my FRIEND - HOSER

I'm back :)

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Need fitness or weight loss help? - 10 years ago

Clean eating and daily exercise. There is no quick fixes for weight loss in my opinion. I've tried a lot of weight loss programs that are out there and I may of lost weight with some, but I always gai...

Time Warner - 11 years ago

We are on box three with Time Warner and I've lost count on the complaint phone calls I've had to put in. This week has been really bad. It turns on and off by itself as well as the info box keeps pop...

I'm back - 11 years ago

Welcome home :)

Veggie and Herb Gardens - 11 years ago

So I seem to always get an itch for gardening at the wrong times. I am dying to start a garden and wondering if anyone knows what can be planted now. Anything that can survive the upcoming cold and fr...

Spider help :) - 11 years ago

Very good ideas! I love natural remedies :) I will be hunting down some Eucalyptus tomorrow. Thanks!

Spider help :) - 11 years ago

Hello all :) So I was almost jumped by a spider in my bathroom tonight (ok so I'm being a little dramatic, but it was way to close for my comfort). It was brown, at least the size of a half dollar and...

Marine Corps Ball Dresses - 11 years ago

[i] Its chamapagne color, Im still unsure of the shoes I should wear, any ideas? [/i] Black, nude, navy or white

just moved here - 11 years ago

[i]Hey guys we just PCS'd from Jersey. What is there to do here?[/i] There is quite a bit to do here. Just like mentioned above, you have to be willing to plan and travel. Things that are close a...

NAME CHANGE: *Redhead :)* is now *Dimples2* - 11 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change


You make me laugh CC...a good deep belly laugh

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