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Need fitness or weight loss help?

who's talking here?

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a3063292uu --- 10 years ago -

If you are struggling to complete your fitness goal, give me a shout. I sell the Advocare product line in order to help anyone who either wants to start their weight loss goals on the right foot or if you feel like you have plateaued, give me a call. Even if you just want some information give me a call. I can help and am happy to just give you information if that is all you want.
Please email me and we can set up a time that is best for you for either a phone call or meeting.

Also if you are looking for a fitness buddy, I'm here. I crossfit and have a garage gym, so if you have kids, they are welcome. I often leave my door open so my daughter has access to me while I workout.
Have a great day

Mobile Mark --- 10 years ago -

you can lose a lot of weight just bouncing a soccer ball of your knee for 20 or so minutes a day, imo 

janices --- 9 years ago -

what is advocare? 

a3063292uu --- 9 years ago -

It's is a company that specializes in health. They have a range of products from weight loss, general health and nutrition, as well as items for energy and muscle building. The difference in their products compared to some of the other products is that the company is headed up by actual MD doctors. They make sure the products that are sold by Advocare are as natural as possible and actually do what they say they will without any side affects. An example would be the energy drink called "Spark". It is very different to say a monster because it has low sugar, which is good for weight loss, and it doesn't have any crazy additives. It also is not something that will give you any jitters or make you feel like a rocket and then have a crash at the end. There are also other products for a wide variety of health problems, such as kidney stone problems to name one.
Please feel free to email me to get in contact with me first and then we can exchange phone numbers. I'm open to answer any questions 

Rude Rudy --- 9 years ago -

Do your research folks, the company is NOT headed up by actual MD's, the President and CEO has absolutely no history in the medical field. It is your typical get healthy company which promises to make you rich if you sell their products. SOUND FAMILIAR???? 

a3063292uu --- 9 years ago -

There is science behind Advocare and they do make sure all of their products are actually good for you and have science to back it.

The board is headed by medical professionals. Apparently I had it wrong, not all of them are M.D.s but they all have a professional medical license in either pharmacy or in being a doctor.

Granted these people may not be C.E.O. But they are the ones that make sure everything is healthy and make sure the products are doing the things they claim to do. 

Rude Rudy --- 9 years ago -

Guess I made my point....Peace!!!! 

Scarletsambition --- 9 years ago -

Eat healthy and workout! Only way for long term success! Sorry it's the truth! 

Rude Rudy --- 9 years ago -

Eat healthy

How can you expect me to eat healthy when the McRib is ONLY available certain times of the year!!!!! 

a3063292uu --- 9 years ago -

Sometimes eating healthy is not enough. Some people get to a plateau and can't figure out how to start up again. For me, the system I use is about my fitness goals. I saw improvements in my weight lifting and speed when I starting taking Advocare. 

Dimples2 --- 9 years ago -

Clean eating and daily exercise. There is no quick fixes for weight loss in my opinion. I've tried a lot of weight loss programs that are out there and I may of lost weight with some, but I always gained it back. And I was (well thought) a pretty healthy eater. Cut out gluten, soy, most animal protein and stuck to clean eating. That with daily exercise I've been able to lose 50 lbs :) You just have to be willing to put the work in.

As for plateaus, you need to change up your eating again and your exercise. Your body will grow used to your daily diet and exercise. To get yourself out of the plateau, go a week without carbs (protein, fruits and veggie plan). It will jump start you again. 

Rude Rudy --- 9 years ago -

OK the McRib is back, I'm good!!!!! 

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