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I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-08, 13 years ago.

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WOW!! REALLY??? - 12 years ago

That's cool they wrote back a real response like that.

Experience with braces? - 12 years ago

[i]No danica dummy, people get braces to straighten teeth not to improve their smile. stupid. Open ur eyes next time u take a picture. Thanks [/i] lol will do.

Experience with braces? - 12 years ago

[i]wow.. because thats all that matters in life right?[/i] isn't that why people get braces? to have a better looking smile? duh. But that pain is terrible. It will ease up. I had braces for 5 y...

Netflix - 12 years ago

I was, but its fine now.

POLL: Are You Sick and Tired - 12 years ago

Ohhh I'm late, but that cat in the picture on the first page made me laugh soooo hard.

Would you - 12 years ago

Honestly, its a garbage can. So I probably wouldn't get worked up about it.

yes, i have a question about hair salons. - 12 years ago

Lol I've thought about it, actually. Its sounding good right about now.

yes, i have a question about hair salons. - 12 years ago

Yes, I checked the search bar. Anyone know of anywhere open TODAY for a last minute appointment? I've called all over, and I know its a long shot, but thought id post anyways to see if anyone knew of ...

PA3 - 12 years ago

I don't know if I believe in any of it or not. But I know I've seen enough scary movies that I don't try to mess with it lol

Three Knocks At The Door - 12 years ago

I just read that from my friends facebook. I cried the whole time. I can't even imagine.

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