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Three Knocks At The Door

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TundraMom --- 12 years ago -

An AMAZING story of love & strength.
A very recent account of how a fellow Marine Wife lost her beloved Husband.

Note: Get the tissues!!!

Three Knocks At The Door 

fromguam --- 12 years ago -

definitely bring out the box of tissues x 100000!! 

CareBear --- 12 years ago -

Definitely should have gone with my instinct and not read that... this prego's a blubbering mess now. :( 

RaeRie (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Ohhh, I am not reading that. Not right now, anyway. 

DanaFromPennsylvania --- 12 years ago -

So completely sad. The part about getting the flag was so heartbreaking. My husband is the one who gives the flag to the families, and I honestly don't know how he can do it every time, I would be a crying mess. 

Dimples --- 12 years ago -

My heart hurts for this family, for this wife. I'm a blubbering mess reading this 

danica --- 12 years ago -

I just read that from my friends facebook. I cried the whole time. I can't even imagine. 

GandAsMamma --- 12 years ago -

I was in tears reading this. I feel for this family. 

kElJoY --- 12 years ago -

Poor wife and family...heartbreaking. Very well written. 

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