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I joined this crazy place on 2012-02-21, 11 years ago.

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any fitness clubs around here? - 10 years ago

This is a good one for info. It was just created recently. [url=https://m.facebook.com/groups/672426712774377?ref=bookmark&__user=500556008]29 Palms Information and Help[/url]

29 Palms in the 80s - 10 years ago

The jerks and general @ss hats are what ruined it. People looking for basic info couldn't get it without being treated like crap. I enjoy a bit of drama and joking from time to time, but it became poi...

Base Traffic - 10 years ago

The Ocotillo gate wasn't as backed up when I left at 8:00 to take my daughter to school. Only took me 10 minutes to get back through it on my way home. Better than the hour and twenty minutes from yes...

Base Traffic - 10 years ago

They have to scan every single ID, that's what.

Base Traffic - 10 years ago

Dunno, but I'm going to ask if I ever get to the gate. I've been sitting on Morongo for about 15mins so far.

Dollar General - 10 years ago

It's better than Dollar Tree. I like it for getting stuff for the kids sometimes like birthday goodie bags, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, etc. There's some brand name stuff, and it's better than ...

HDPL Baseball Registrations - 10 years ago

Why isn't there any t-ball?

Ocitillo Heights - 10 years ago

I think it takes us about 15 mins to get to JT, then Yucca is just another 10ish minutes depending on traffic.. The commissary does have some organic, I'd imagine the others would as well. I've honest...

Ocitillo Heights - 10 years ago

It's not the commissary that sends me to Palm Springs, it's needing/wanting to go to Target, a big Walmart, the mall, or any real selection of restaurant. If the commissary is lacking, there are other...

Ocitillo Heights - 10 years ago

Everything is fairly close on base, 5-10 minutes, main side is small. Over here in Ocotillo there is a small gym/fitness room at the housing office if you like something not crowded. We didn't even lo...

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