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any fitness clubs around here?

who's talking here?

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a3532059uu --- 10 years ago -

I am so used to being active back home just moved from a big city to this small town. Is there any zumba classes, kickboxing, aerobic etc..? 

oTBN38o --- 10 years ago -

You're in a town full of dependapodamus. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! 

DJCC --- 10 years ago -

There are lots of classes at the various gyms on the base, plus Intramurals:


If you are not military, call the rec center in the city - they also have intramurals, zumba, and other classes:


There is also the family fitness center on 2 Mile just east of Adobe Rd. 

DJCC --- 10 years ago -

For the record, I was pretty lost when I first got the 29P, but now that I'm back in a big city, I miss 29P life :) There is a lot to do, you just need to look for it and get involved. 

a3532059uu --- 10 years ago -

Thanks for the information, just moved a month ago, can't seem to adjust, I am completely lost. 

DJCC --- 10 years ago -

Here is a list I made a while back with all the events calendars I could find for the area:

Events Calendars

Once summer is over, you can explore Joshua Tree and the Mojave Preserve more if you are into hiking. I really came to appreciate JT. Military get free passes to the national parks.

I took lots of weekend trips to San Diego, LA, Vegas... always found cheap hotels on priceline/etc.

Big Bear is beautiful, especially this time of year its cooler up there and a quick drive. Same with the tram down in Palm Springs, both are great in the winter as well to get some time in with the snow.

I took some random classes at Copper Mountain College to get out and interact with other people, find out about things to do in the area, etc. If you are military, classes are discounted.

If you take the time, you'll find plenty to do. Even after 3 years, I kept finding more places to explore and people to meet in the Morongo Basin. I really used my time up there to work on a few personal goals, once I saw my 3yrs in 29P as an opportunity it became a long retreat :) 

DJCC --- 10 years ago -

On, and check out facebook. Thats apparently where most of the 29 palms underground traffic went. There are allegedly a bunch of facebook groups related to 29P, I never took the time to find them. 

prettylady3 --- 10 years ago -

This is a good one for info. It was just created recently.

29 Palms Information and Help 

Scarletsambition --- 10 years ago -

Thanks for all the info and the Facebook link! I'm new as well :-) I really like it so far. 

a3532059uu --- 10 years ago -

Is it kid friendly? I've heard someone said it was. 

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