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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-04, 14 years ago.

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Local farmers for meat and/or milk - 10 years ago

Hmmm? Why do you choose to eat this way? Its not healthy.

Dollar General - 10 years ago

AWFUL location! They won't be there long. There have been so many accidents there!!!!

Easter - 10 years ago

Nothing here...

New orders, moving THIS month! - 10 years ago

[i]but were surprised with orders to 29 Palms [/i] Bet you were! So sorry to hear that...

29 Palms Head Start - 10 years ago

Or you could, spend time with your child, read books, do art projects, join play groups, nah, never mind, that's too much to work...

Could it be true? - 10 years ago

Who cares, though? Live out in town, and pocket half of the BAH! It's safer out in town anyway!

Spray Tan - 10 years ago

OMG, but they wash off. Right?

Base Traffic - 10 years ago

OMG!!!! Ya'll didn't hear? There was a Marine wife who was abducted!!!

Proper Eulogy - 10 years ago

Dearly Beloved... We gather here to lay our dear friend to rest. Back in her prime, the underground was full of drama, coyote killers, PMO cheaters, and lest we forget, Lurking Larry (wahhhhhhhhh) I ...

home made juices? - 10 years ago

What kind of juice are you making?

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