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Rude Rudy

I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-20, 14 years ago.

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latest comments

Man this place died - 7 years ago

Been two years since I was here, now I know why...DEAD!!!!! Nothing but crickets here.........Later.....

Man this place died - 8 years ago

Holy cow; almost two months and not a word from anyone...I remember when this was a fun place to come after work and enjoy the conversations...Guess our fearless monitors changed that chit@!!!

Selling a 1999 Toyota Rav4 - 8 years ago

[b]This isn't the place to sell your car idiot!!!!! [/b]

massage parlor are out of control - 9 years ago

Anyone else go lately????

Hey susimaru... - 9 years ago

Are you actually reading what some of these people are looking for; it would appear that you are a functional illiterate; either that you just don't understand the English language. In either case st...

massage parlor are out of control - 9 years ago

[b]My question would be: Why would a husband and wife go to ANY massage place around a military base, what are you.......dumb...What did you expect; talk about ignorant!!!!![/b]

Man this place died - 9 years ago

[b]We need to order a head stone for this friggin place....[/b]

Hello! - 9 years ago

Good drinks and good food in 29 Palms, hey GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ADVENTURE!!!!

? so is the grass - 9 years ago

Sorry, I took this the wrong way...I thought you were asking if the carpet matched the............nevermind....

KFC CORRUPTION - 9 years ago

[b]This is utter bull poop!!!![/b]

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