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Moving in summer to 29 palms

who's talking here?

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a3095977uu --- 10 years ago -

Hello, we will be moving to 29palms in the summer. Just wanted to get some advice. Does anyone know any good area to live in yacca valley. The wait list is high to move on base and don't expect to get right on.
Is it better to live on base base or off? I have a 7yr and soon to be 5 year old. Right now I am homeschooling with one full day of classroom with her age group. Can any school that I should avoid Or programs?
Thank you head of time for all the future info. 

alwaysright --- 10 years ago -

You couldn't pay me to live out in town, nor could you pay me to make the daily 40 min one way commute to base from Yucca.

As far as schools go all I know is that they leave a lot to be desired. We do home schooling as do a good amount of other families. 

a3095977uu --- 10 years ago -

Always right,
Do you go to a co-op ? Or k-12?
I am thinking about homeschool again but would like my kids to have some class time. Is their a program that does that? Why would you not live out in town? 

Scarletsambition --- 10 years ago -

I homeschool! My son will be in first next year and we will be moving on base this summer when housing becomes available. 

a3095977uu --- 10 years ago -

Scarletsambition, do you do a co-op. where did you live out in town? Did you like living out in town? 

alwaysright --- 10 years ago -

I think a good portion of homes off base are kinda trashy looking, not to mention utilities can be pretty high out in town. The list goes on. 

SuzieHomemakerEnviesMe --- 10 years ago -

The commute to Yucca isn't too bad there is really no traffic other than the gate. If you can afford it, I'd go to yucca up behind joshua springs road. I have a few friends with amazing homes back there! They are BEAUTIFUL! and their neighborhoods are really nice too. They are also only 45 minutes from palm springs which makes it easy to commute for shopping and other work locations.

It depends on what fits you and your family the best in the end. 

Mari (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

There are also nice homes on Onaga Trail, in the housing development next to Onaga Elementary school, that were built by the same builder as those up on Joshua Lane. We lived there from 2003-2008. 

Scarletsambition --- 10 years ago -

A3095977uu I am moving to 29 palms in June. My son will be in 1st grade. We were with a ISP last year but this year I'm going to file my own homeschool affidavit. You can find all the info on the HSLDA website on how to do that. Once I get there ill look into support groups in the area and co-ops and so on. But my state requirement is fulfilled with the affidavit. I pick out and I order all my curriculum and so on. 

TRISH JESTER --- 10 years ago -

I am the local Premier Designs consultant for all your jewelry needs..look me up when you get here..I have out here 5x now and just make the best of it..I am also a love licensed cosmetologist so hair, brows whatever you need look me up.. 

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