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kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Looks like Kate got over on Tom. We will see how this plays out. Not such a great 50th birthday present for him.

*waves bye to Andy...RIP* 

imperfectly perfect --- 11 years ago -

lol, she is no longer going by Kate, she's back to Katie :) LMAO 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

I couldn't edit. :( 

oTBN38o --- 11 years ago -

Not surprising, but this is..... I was at walmart and had a glimpse at magazine about Johnny Depp "heart broken, what went wrong?" Are they breaking up!? :-( 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Johnny Depp has been broke up. So, yes. 

oTBN38o --- 11 years ago -

This is news to me because I appreciate him as an actor and I hardly pay attention to those celebrity nonsense. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

I heart my People Mag. ;) 

OU812 --- 11 years ago -

I love the stories about Tom Cruise splittin up......what an idiot.... 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

lol.....no doubt. Clueless. Just clueless. 

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