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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-27, 12 years ago.

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Need advice on staff housing PLEASE!! - 10 years ago

Copper Canyon is another SNCO housing area along with Marine Palms

BARBERING schools? - 10 years ago

There is a cosmetology school in Yucca Valley but everything else is down the hill in Palm Springs area I believe.

Courtsey Move - 10 years ago

Just a heads up...I know of someone who was trying to move home a few months before her husband EAS's and they said they do not have the funds to move her home before his EAS because it is not a prior...

adobe flats - 10 years ago

no they are 2,3,and 4 bedrooms. We live in a 4bedroom with 1 car garage

DAYCARE PRICES? - 10 years ago

My husband is an E-5 and I make a little less than him, and I pay $234 every 1st and 15th. Hourly care is $3.50 however the CDC is not taking hourly care reservations until after the new year. You wou...

since hasnt been brought up yet - 10 years ago

Awwww, my home state :( My aunt still has no power. My sister never lost power but was surrounded by floods so she is stuck at home. With the gas shortage, most everyone is stuck at home. The pictu...

What housing? - 10 years ago

[i]I work for Lincoln Military Housing[/i] Since when???? I thought you were at the CDC?

What housing? - 10 years ago

Bug them and youll have a house in 3 weeks. Tell them you are homeless with your daughter and you need a home asap. We did and had a house in 3weeks. It works. Ask them to put u in a 3 bedroom onbase ...

Hello hello - 10 years ago

My sis is in Yuma! Its heaven compared to here. But here is not too bad either. Lots to do if you dont mind a liitle car ride! I have been here 15mths and counting! If you get wrapped up in the fa...

Lost dog - 10 years ago

Kel, you prob didnt hear about it because around the same time, that man killed himself in housing so it all happened within a few days. I remember the naked guy. I live on Argos

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