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Anyone like Smart cars post in here!

who's talking here?

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joe --- 11 years ago -

I like them cars even though I do not drive but will befriend or buddy anyone having one or using or liking them or whatever! So post me to let me know..and share if u like. 

joe --- 11 years ago -

If you own one please consider to get to know each other as I do think they stand out as neat cars even though they can be tiny! 

imperfectly perfect --- 11 years ago -

lol Joe, I dont like a smart car, they are so tiny and I couldn't fit all my kids in it! But it's perfect for a single person! 

joe --- 11 years ago -

I just like them and would join up with any who own one or more or like speaking of them.. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Are those the little skateboard cars??? Those cars crack me up. 

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