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Bugs Bunny deleted this ! lol

who's talking here?

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joe --- 11 years ago -

just to get idea what is open today other then what might be obvious /becuz when in 29 if things are closed it is confining indeed.. the town shuts closed then. 

Mari (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

Plaza is open. That's all I know of today. 

joe --- 11 years ago -

A few things were open as I wished it; the food places thankfully /again it does not take much to make the town dead is why it is good stuff is open! I now have 8.00 to spend now and Tuesday. But feelin luck too.That much goes fast nowadays.. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Where did you eat today joe? 

joe --- 11 years ago -

Where did you eat today joe?
that big fancy place that has arches and might sell lobsters too ! heehee /I am a big eater having a smallest drink of diet soda [refills] and one McChicken sandwich. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Oh yeah...that place that NEVER gets our drive-through orders right...they ALWAYS leave out the lobster!!! 

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