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I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-09, 12 years ago.

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Fireworks displays - 11 years ago

The ones at Staters are just poppers. Unless I missed some. We got some for our son =) He loves them so that's all that matters for us =) Wish we were back in Oklahoma for the 4th so we could shoot th...

Realistic Tattoo in 29 SUCKS!! - 11 years ago

I have a few more planned and have already discussed them with the awesome chick who works sundays at Realistic! ( Im bad at remembering names ) Cant wait to be able to get them =)

Realistic Tattoo in 29 SUCKS!! - 11 years ago

Ive gotten my tattoos from there and am more than happy with them.

Our turn for the power outage! - 11 years ago

I haven't gotten a notice, email, phone call, nothing.. But guess we will know soon enough

LIGHTEN IT UP!!! - 11 years ago

Decent day. Had my sons birthday pictures done today.. Feel like crying, my baby boy will be 3 tomorrow.. Oh how the time flies!!!

pools on base - 11 years ago

I want to say the last newsletter I got from Lincoln said the pools would open March 31st BUT I am not 100% sure....

Winter Weather Advisory for Morongo Basin - 11 years ago

I hope it snows =) I love the snow.. But hopefully the power stays on.. Isnt tonight the scheduled power outage?

stater brothers recycling center - 11 years ago

I know they close at 430 =) Cant remember when they open though. I JUST seen the sign last night to.

Excuse me parents... any advice? - 11 years ago

When I was in school and someone talked non stop like that, the teacher moved their desk up right in front or beside her desk =) It stopped the talking for sure. Hope things work out and you get i...

Save-a-lot - 11 years ago

[i]also the store does not give you bags for your groceries, instead we sell bags for .03 and .10cents. the store is trying to be "green" and save money by not providing bags. [/i] BUT they do let ...

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