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I joined this crazy place on 2011-02-10, 12 years ago.

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Stay-at-home mommy&wife(: Full-time student, working on my business degree. My husband and son are my world! Expecting baby #2 (: They're my inspiration in life(: Born & Raised in Los Angeles. 29 Palms isn't so bad now, after living here for 3yrs, haha(:

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new out here. found stray dog. where do i take it? - 11 years ago

i know there is a shelter in town called palms and paws. don't know anything about taking a stray. i know they charge a fee for surrendering a dog that is yours, but not sure for a stray.

Would it be wrong of me to... - 11 years ago

@Keljoy: that's what i was thinking. but whenever i told my friends and family, they all told me the same thing everyone from above are telling me, that it's not fair and that my kids will hate me. lo...

I hate being taken advantage of! Grr!*vent* - 11 years ago

yeah, it's not a fold out kind, although that's something that they should have looked into. lol i always hate being the bad guy. i felt that if i have something that they need, they can borrow i...

Would it be wrong of me to... - 11 years ago

haha! my youngest brother and my uncle share the same birthday. when my mom went into labor, of course we are all gonna go and see her and stuff. but my uncle got all depressed cause no one paid him ...

I hate being taken advantage of! Grr!*vent* - 11 years ago

**sorry if this is too long* (: I just hate being taken advantage of by people who just don't know how to use their freaking brain! long story short, we let a newlywed couple use our spare queen...

Would it be wrong of me to... - 11 years ago

schedule a c-section for my second child (a boy) on the same day as my 2 year old son's bday? sorry if it's confusing, lol basically, if i schedule it, my son will be 3 on the day his little brother ...

What are your thoughts... - 11 years ago

on finding out the gender of your baby?! do you prefer knowing or having it be a surprise!? :D


Does anyone know if they will be doing vaccinations tmrw? Or is it only on tuesdays and wednesdays?? (:

Anyone know any good dog sitters they can personally vouch for? - 11 years ago

My good friend, Melissa, is someone I can personally vouch for! She does great(: She charges $5 per pet per day, and she can watch them at her place or yours(:

another dog poop thread - 11 years ago

[i]two mile..ugh ...not aztec for once lol[/i] hahahahaha! oh god, let's not go there again! lmfao

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