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marines and marine wives

who's talking here?

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Iceme --- 9 years ago -

marines , stop with all the we have to thank you bullsh*t all the time. You chose to join because your life was going no where , you wanted to get away from poverty and getting locked up. Look at infantry , all you have to do is learn how to read and write , even a 6th grade level education can get you in.

marine wives , tri care , housing , a lot of different marine's to screw ... what else do ya'll want? you marine wives are good for two things , spreading your legs to your husband's or bf's marine buddy or sitting at home while your loser marine goes to work doing nothing. the laziest b&tche's ever , marine wives.

Wildfire --- 9 years ago -

Wow... What a major a-hole. 

Erin --- 9 years ago -

Dang...I must be missing out! I don't have ANY boyfriends. 

Mobile Mark --- 9 years ago -

So what is it iceme do you no all this from experience? 

Wildfire --- 9 years ago -

So what is it iceme do you no all this from experience?

I was thinking the same thing. 

Scarletsambition --- 9 years ago -

Well if your trying to stir up some drama you may want to go to a site that actually has more than 10 people a month visit it. I would say BIG FAIL for you! 

a4213100uu --- 9 years ago -

All this hate,..it all stems from ignorance. Don't judge the entire Marine Corps by a few bad examples. I've met many honorable Marines and good wives that are dedicated to their family. Military or not, there are low class citizens everywhere. I'm proud of my husband. He joined for the war, he works hard and is a wonderful husband and father. Remember it is a voluntary job. They must meet mental and physical requirements and go through strict and rigorous training. As former military myself I can tell you it is not a pretty stroll through the park. Military is NOT for the lazy.

Also, if you are a businessman/woman here in town, be thankful that you have the Marines here. Without the MCAGCC base, this town would be dead. 

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