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dont drink & drive

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Mobile Mark --- 9 years ago -

call me if in 29 

Mobile Mark --- 9 years ago -

happy new year to all, god bless 

Wildfire --- 9 years ago -

Happy New Year to you too Roach, and to all on the UG! 

Mobile Mark --- 9 years ago -

thanks wildfire have not heard from you in awhile :) 

Wildfire --- 9 years ago -

I come here every now and then, but don't post much.

Hope you and the family are doing well. 

Iceme --- 9 years ago -

marines , stop with all the we have to thank you bullsh*t all the time. You chose to join because your life was going no where , you wanted to get away from poverty and getting locked up. Look at infantry , all you have to do is learn how to read and write , even a 6th grade level education can get you in.

marine wives , tri care , housing , a lot of different marine's to screw ... what else do ya'll want? you marine wives are good for two things , spreading your legs to your husband's or bf's marine buddy or sitting at home while your loser marine goes to work doing nothing. the laziest b&tche's ever , marine wives. 

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