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Flooring Contractor

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Erin --- 10 years ago -

Anyone have any experience with contractors for floors here? I am looking to have my floor redone and want a few quotes. TIA 

on a need to know basis --- 10 years ago -

What are you wanting to have done to your floors? 

Erin --- 10 years ago -

Linoleum taken up and then flooring put in. I am thinking wood or simulated wood. 

on a need to know basis --- 10 years ago -

I know someone that does good work. I have taken up linoleum in my house, it's hard work but if you take a razor and make slits in the floor and pour hot water and let it sit and then take a floor scraper and put some muscle into it lol.

Wood floor out here might not be a good idea because of all the dust and dirt we accumulate in the house. The Laminate Flooring doesn't scratch as bad. I have tile and laminate in my house. 

Erin --- 10 years ago -

I at least want to go with some nice tile or wood laminate. Right now I have the grocery store laminate! I want it gone so bad. 

on a need to know basis --- 10 years ago -

I have the wood laminate in 3 of my rooms. We turned the garage in to my room and it was a two day project for me and my boyfriend. 

Mr s --- 10 years ago -

I do carpet, ceramic-laminate etc. If you need help or just advice, call Scott @ 909 723 2340 

jj50 --- 9 years ago -

Tile is nice and stays cool in summer 

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