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Palm Vista Elementary School Cheesecake & Cookie Dough?

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on a need to know basis 1
alwaysright 1
BenJones2012 2

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BenJones2012 --- 10 years ago -

Can anyone tell me if the students are have a competition for sales? I've seen a couple posts online but no one mentions if the kids are selling to win against other kids. Thanks for any info! 

alwaysright --- 10 years ago -

psh someone needs to get to my house asap and sell me some freaking goodies!!!! 

on a need to know basis --- 10 years ago -

Its a fund raiser for the school, if a child sells enough stuff they can get prizes depending on how much they sell. I personally hate when my kids brought home that stuff since its the parents that actually sell the stuff. 

BenJones2012 --- 10 years ago -

Thanks for the info. 

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