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kElJoY --- 10 years ago -

Ha ha...Happy Sept. 1st!!

*giggles* nothing that I wanted; just checking in.

What's everyone up to??? :))))

Watching football??? 

kElJoY --- 10 years ago -

31-7...Michigan is getting destroyed. 

on a need to know basis --- 10 years ago -

I got back from watching Lawless , it was a pretty good movie. Not much of a football watcher though. 

Hollz --- 10 years ago -

At the drive in, thinkin about napping through Bourne Legacy... Just wanna see Sparkle. Got some pot heads behind us and a chain smoker next to us. Nothing better then your kids inhaling all that in. RME. 

kElJoY --- 10 years ago -

Never have been to the drive-in. 

Gold Digger --- 10 years ago -

Believe it or not, this town used to have 'TWO' drive-in theaters with 3 screens. The other one was just north of the 29 Post Office. It had 2 screens and a roller rink. That's where my wife and I had our first date/kiss. Too bad it's gone now. It was a hoot...

We tried to go to Smiths Ranch about 2 years ago but had to leave during the first movie because of all the POT, CIGARETTES, BUMPER PARTIES, etc that were making it a bad experience. When we were young, we used to go once a week.

Before people got so rude with not turning off their cell phones at the walk-in's, we used to go to at least one movie a week. Now, we just wait for them to come out on DVD/BR and watch them at home. MUCH LESS STRESS THAT WAY!!! 

Erin --- 10 years ago -

If you are caught with your phone in the base theater they boot you. No excuses. 

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