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BADcrustalgirl read more here! Hi

who's talking here?

joe 5

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joe --- 11 years ago -

just wanted to help you invent extra nicknames for yeself ! lol 

BADgirlDISASTER --- 11 years ago -

hi!!! you know in spanish 'j's are silent? =P 

joe --- 11 years ago -

yep I know lol 

joe --- 11 years ago -

the earth's crustal plates are shifting out of kilter again ! Sound the alarm ! lol 

BADgirlDISASTER --- 11 years ago -

reffering to the 8.7? 

joe --- 11 years ago -

possibly^ that but any other event might do too ..lol 

joe --- 11 years ago -

BADgrl you heard of the idea there were much cataclysms [or one bigger or two] in earth's history /well oldest one is from in what they've called the Hadean era; which whatever lived on earth then was wiped out[burned up or cooked] and the earth was covered over with spewing /erupting boiling lava or magma totally and then only bacteria for a short time lived until the earth was re-colonised again by whatever could survive by only a very few small areas or pockets. BUT if we had that today kiss most of us humans good bye ! The earth then would be far too 'red' hot for us to live on it or barely while killing over 6 billion people easy. 

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