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one peeve I got

who's talking here?

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joe --- 11 years ago -

some people want rules to be set for New Years Eve night at a place where it's supposed to be relaxed and easy going and regulate that night as to activites or have no fun or games on tables at all. Few do not know what fun is. And that without drinking. 

joe --- 11 years ago -

we have to work hard at everything else .. take her easy some nights. Some prolly work hard at fun lol 

joe --- 11 years ago -

Let's REBEL =
R= relax
E= energize
B= be alive
E= emphavise
L= lose ourselves
[only thing I do not drink but cannot say people can't ,just sleep later ] .I was once at a church that played board games and cards til midnight ,awesome etc and ate like crazy. 

DocsWife --- 11 years ago -

^^ I like that Joe!! 

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