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Local Dent Offenders list

who's talking here?

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joe --- 11 years ago -

DID you or did you not hit another car !? That is the Question ! Speak up because I cannot hear you ..DA Meyers presiding. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

No more Law & Order for you joe. 

OU812 --- 11 years ago -

Would someone please take over ensuring Joe takes his meds.... 

DJCC --- 11 years ago -

I park far, far away over by the burger king end of the lot when i go to the stater bros. plaza. Despite the generously sized spots, I've received two dents in that lot - one $150 fix, one $700 fix. Luckily we were there when the $700 one was put in my car and the guy's insurance picked it up, but it was a difficult process (cheap high risk insurance company). 

joe --- 11 years ago -

[i]Would someone please take over ensuring Joe takes his meds....
I have a big 'dent in my head
so I cannot remember to take my meds ! lol 

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