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Newcomers thread

who's talking here?

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RealTarheelBlood --- 12 years ago -

Hello all. Will be arriving on Monday afternoon from Pendleton. Family of 6. Wife and 4 kids. Quick questions are, when does school start? What's to do for fun?

Does your husband put circular decals in his rear window? 

RealTarheelBlood --- 12 years ago -

When does youth football start? 

Shell --- 12 years ago -

Welcome to 29! I can't answer your question about school, but for fun you can go to joshua tree national park and hike, big bear and lake arrowhead is about 45 Mins away, there's the spas hotel in desert hot springs that has a a bunch of different pools at different temperatures, vegas is a couple hours away, so is la and san diego...palm springs is about 45 Mins away as well which has a water park and shopping... that's all I can think about for now... I worked 2 jobs when we were there so we didn't get to do too much, but its a nice place to live.. some people hate it though but I loved it!

And as for the decals, not sure what you are talking bout there! 

Saltina Cracker --- 12 years ago -

Here ya go ;) You'll find lots of useful info from this link! 

Saltina Cracker --- 12 years ago -

When does youth football start?

For on base, Nov-Dec. Register between Oct-Nov & it's ages 7-14! 

RealTarheelBlood --- 12 years ago -

ty Saltina 

Saltina Cracker --- 12 years ago -

ty Saltina
No problem! Welcome to 29! =) 

BoatsnHos --- 12 years ago -

School starts 8/24.

My husband is on recruiting duty and we live on an Air Force base...we have the foil USMC decals on just about everything we own...cars, appliances, tool boxes,etc. 

kElJoY --- 12 years ago -

When does youth football start?

Storm Football starts in August I believe. $180/player. That's out in town.

School starts on August 24. 

BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -

Lol not sure about the decals, ...that's a negative on that.

But welcome 

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