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ScentSationals Vs Scentsy

who's talking here?

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CaNdYcAnE --- 7 years ago -

SO has anyone who is a regualr Scentsy wax user tried the ScentSationals line at Wal-Mart? I know our Wal-Mart here in Yucca Valley no longer carries the line but the one down the hill does. I started using Scentsy because the line was taken away here, BUT i just found out that i can order online.

So i guess my question is Scentsy wax and warmers are close like 40% more expensive then the Scentsationals line, Because they have consultants who have to make money off the product as well. Is it worth it?

Scentsy does have a WAY larger selection of both scents and warmers. 

CaNdYcAnE --- 7 years ago -

scentsationals link 

Kerry --- 7 years ago -

i just started using scentys in June and i got to say i love it, i don't think i will ever try another product again. 

yellowroseTX --- 7 years ago -

I've never used scentationals but my only question would be is how often would you need a new scent for it? If it's more often than scenty you may be spending just as much on scentsationals as you would scenty in the long run.

I'm interested in hearing too.

BUT I still think GC (there is my plug for the day haha) last the longest with most scents, but Scentsy has some great scents that I can't give it up completely just yet. 

CaNdYcAnE --- 7 years ago -

Jenn i have both in my home and ill be honest in saying that with the SS i put it on for a hour in the morning and a hour in the afternoon and the scent last all day and the cube will last me a week to a week and a half. WIth the scentsy the smell is very good the first 3 to 4 hours. AFter that you can still smell it, just not as strong.

I go through the Scentsy cubes waYYY faster then the SS cuz it seems like i have to use TWO cubes to last as long as the one SS cube.

I love all the options with Scentsy, they have such a larger selection, but SS carrys some of the exact same smells at half the price. SO i find myself buying what SS has at the half the price, and then filling in with Scentsy . 

yellowroseTX --- 7 years ago -

well if they last just as long or longer and smell just as great I may have to look into it :)

I do know with all the scents I have from Scentsy there are only a few that only need one cube and will last all day the rest need a couple.

It's probably just like any other candle though certain ones last longer than others.

I'm definitely going to check it out, I like saving money and having a nice smelling house :). 

CaNdYcAnE --- 7 years ago -

I'm definitely going to check it out, I like saving money and having a nice smelling house :).

ditto, Just wish SS had a larger selection of both warmers in Scents.

I have a few at my house if you wanna check them out JENN, i mostly use the clean smelling scents. But during the holidays i love the holiday scents. 

Ali --- 7 years ago -

Could I use my scentsy warmer with the SS scents? Id deff like to try the SS scents!!! 

Scrappy --- 7 years ago -

Of course u could Ali, you can use any melting wax blocks in your warmers.

I have to say the scentsationals is WAY cheaper WOW. I think Ill try them out 

CareBear --- 7 years ago -

I'm a HUGE fan of Scentsy. My cubes last me days and days. I don't think I'll try anything else.

Gold Canyon was really disappointing. My candles don't seem to smell the same when they burn as when they aren't burning. I'll NEVER waste money on overpriced candles again. 

KelJoY II --- 7 years ago -

I've tried lots of these and have come to the conclusion that the only candles I like are the Yankee ones. If all I can afford is the little one - I would rather have that than a bigger one of a different brand.

Oh yeah, and my Gel-Y Candle - Biker Babe scent - that my SSSHH brought me back from his NM trip. 

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