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Megan B. --- 13 years ago -

Not doing anything! We talked about going to a movie but it looks like we are just going to wait till next weekend! Other then that trying to make my friend feel better that just got broken up with! :( Too bad she is in Oklahoma! 

CoachLover --- 13 years ago -

i went out with traviesa and hayaku and woke up with the worst hangover ever. the toilet became my best friend again since pregnancy. thank god hubby took care of me all day and let me sleep. now im all good, and probably going to traviesas house for round 2 lol 

KelJoY II --- 13 years ago -

Kel, let's make a plan for dinner again in April. For our birthdays...:-) Sounds like a plan! 

KelJoY II --- 13 years ago -


Bitchy --- 13 years ago -

The INN and Bristo29 is way too expensive just to stuff my face for one night. I prefer cheap food or no food. LMAO! 

Bitchy --- 13 years ago -

Was suppose to visit my SIL, but had a headache and took a long nap. By the time I had my shower and got dressed, it would have been 8pm. So I stayed home. I do feel antsy tonight though. I have cabin fever and need to get out. 

KelJoY II --- 13 years ago -

I have cabin fever and need to get out. Go hang out with Kara-Leigh at Stumps and help support her friend's band! 

Bitchy --- 13 years ago -

Go hang out with Kara-Leigh at Stumps and help support her friend's band!  Nah, I'll pass. I don't like going to bars alone and I don't like being my own designated driver. If I can't drink, I won't go out. Just saying. 

jlgg --- 7 years ago -

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