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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-29, 14 years ago.

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DRESS BLUES DRESS... - 12 years ago

Thank you!

DRESS BLUES DRESS... - 12 years ago

I have used the search and can't find that thread. Does anyone have it saved or can you post the link? Thanks.

How long have u known ur spouse - 12 years ago

We met 11 years ago and have been married for 8 1/2.

running shoes - 12 years ago

[i]There are also stores that specialize in running, and watch the way you run to help you pick running shoes for the way you run. I don't know of any around here, but look & ask around. I know of one...

dermatologists in the area? - 12 years ago

My family was ALWAYS sent to West. We loved them!

running shoes - 12 years ago

I am an adidas girl too.. nikes don't have enough arch support for me.

Home schooling, who's doing it? is it hard? Expensive? - 12 years ago

You like that montessori stuff RaeRie?

Home schooling, who's doing it? is it hard? Expensive? - 12 years ago

Not me! ALL of the home schooled kids I've met have some serious social issues. IMO, kids need that socialization away from mommy and daddy to grow.

names.... - 12 years ago

My first name on here was racers wife... my hubs used to drag race his car. This one is just another meaning for GFY. It really means Go F*ck Yourself. LOL! I was happy that day! lmao!

endometriosis - 12 years ago

I was told the same thing KelJoY.

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