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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-27, 12 years ago.

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PCSing to 29 Palms - 11 years ago

^ about time they pay out of their pockets lol

Where's Joe? - 11 years ago

Last time I saw him he was sitting in front of city hall talking to himself.

Know of anyone who is PCSing and looking for a rental? - 11 years ago

[i]$1300 is an obscene amount of rent[/i] no (kindly deleted)...

this place - 11 years ago

wtf happened to DEX the fruity Marine???? ya this place will be bored as (kindly deleted) without him on. [b] Come back with another nick fruity ... [/b]

A Marine's Wife Confesses - 11 years ago

hey dex the annoying Marine send me a message with your unit info fruity loop hopefully not Tanks

Our neck of the woods - 11 years ago

[i]chingao [i] I will say this though; I love it when Marines say they fight for my freedoms. Nah bro, you fight so you get a paycheck every 2 weeks. Last I checked, there aren't any battles on t...

Our neck of the woods - 11 years ago

you fight for my right to be on this forum, your choice to join not mine. I'll sit in my cool house while you sweat your butt over seas doing stupid (kindly deleted). Mount to anything ? join the mili...

Our neck of the woods - 11 years ago

Oh GOD there you again with your zero brain cells comment again. It's funny :) If my opinion does not matter then why do you reply to it (kindly deleted)? Just face it Dex , not every one agr...

Our neck of the woods - 11 years ago

Dex , you know darn well if you knew you wouldn't get your butt discharged from the Marine's , you would voice your hate about Nobama too. Stop acting like you want and respect him. Toys for Tom ...

Hello! - 11 years ago

(kindly deleted)

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